The team wishes to remains pseudo-anonymous for privacy's sake, however our identities are known to our strategic investors: Avalanche Foundation and Trader Joe.
Core Team
RoboYeti (Co-Founder)
RoboYeti is involved with every aspect of Yeti Finance. He is chiefly responsible for protocol design and setting the strategic vision for Yeti Finance. Before Yeti Finance, he worked at a category leading DeFi protocol on Ethereum L1, and as a crypto analyst. He is also a Solidity Engineer that has been building in DeFi since its inception. He studied Computer science and Math at a top U.S University.
0xTalent (Co-Founder)
0xTalent leads community and business at Yeti Finance. He focuses on driving the protocol's vision, developing strategic partnerships, and cultivating the community. Before Yeti Finance, he started multiple successful businesses and was the first product hire at multiple fast-growing startups. He attended a top U.S business school and first got into crypto in 2016.
0xTruco (Co-Founder)
0xTruco is a smart guy. He leads quantitative research at Yeti Finance, and focuses on designing system economics like protocol revenue, risk parameters, and tokenomics. He studied Computer science and Biology at a top U.S. University.
Festive Yeti (Software Engineer)
Festive Yeti does full-stack development and protocol design at Yeti Finance. Previously, Festive Yeti worked at Google doing machine learning and AI. He has been contributing to crypto projects since 2020. He studied Computer science at a top U.S University.
0xGoya (Software Engineer)
0xGoya is a cool guy. He leads front-end development at Yeti Finance and helps the team with smart contract development. Previously, he worked at a popular NFT & blockchain entertainment firm as well as studied Computer science and Economics at a top U.S University.
Mebius (Quantitative Researcher)
Mebius is responsible for all things bots and liquidations. He previously worked at a crypto quant trading firm and specializes in front-running and MEV. Mebius also works on smart contract engineering. He studied Computer science at a top U.S University.
0xAces (Security Researcher)
Aces Yeti does smart contract development and helps ensure protocol security. He previously worked at a well-known crypto auditing firm and DeFi lending protocol. He studied Computer science at a top U.S University.
0xBroze (Growth and Community)
0xBroze specializes in growth and community at Yeti Finance. Previously, he worked for multiple startups and worked on growth at NEAR protocol. 0xBroze studied philosophy at a top U.S. University.
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